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Nether War: BLOOPERS - Alex and Steve Life (Minecraft Animation)

  • Publicado em 29 Jul 2022
  • Dragon Raja download link: lzhx-eu.onelink.me/kmOG/1fe5fe06
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    Check out these funny moments and bloopers from our recent Alex and Steve Life Minecraft animation: Nether War!
    • NETHER WAR - Alex and ...
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    - Have your name in the credits!
    - And much more!
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  • Squared Media
    Squared Media  Anos atrás +308

    Dragon Raja download link: lzhx-eu.onelink.me/kmOG/1fe5fe06
    Use code "DR730" to unlock 50 free draws worth $24.99!
    Facebook page: facebook.com/DragonRajaEN

    • Momma Michole
      Momma Michole Anos atrás +9

      i wonder have you ever watched these youtube animators witch are mrfudgemonkeys and rainimator

      AOT CHANNEL Anos atrás +2

      bro make an animated video wither storm story mode

    • Poland1939
      Poland1939 Anos atrás +3

      Hey black plasma I got a idea for you why don't you countenuied whif the zombies sires and the story can be about our same cast and they the others will need to survive a big wave of zombies

    • Emanuel Lima
      Emanuel Lima Anos atrás +3

      Black plasma Studios pls songs of war 2
      I don't speck inglesh
      I speck portugues Brazil
      Legend in portugues

    • FonziCreations
      FonziCreations Anos atrás +2


  • Mont27P
    Mont27P Anos atrás +272

    Great job Omeleto :D
    Hope everyone enjoyed all the releases over the past few months. Look forward to some cool stuff we have planned come a later time this year and onwards.

    • 🔥J Gabs12 Studios 👍
      🔥J Gabs12 Studios 👍 Anos atrás +6

      I enjoyed all the releases and Omeleto’s idea was awesome!

    • Yashiraii
      Yashiraii Anos atrás +5

      Y'all did a great job and put a smile to us, they're just good animations and yes i enjoy every release. Thanks for those animations. (;

    • Rama Adijaya
      Rama Adijaya Anos atrás +2

      The animations you make are amazing, keep it up for black plasma studios

    • ZAnTi • • • • •
      ZAnTi • • • • • Anos atrás

      HELLO I just want to ask if there can be have a player vs piglin

    • ZAnTi • • • • •
      ZAnTi • • • • • Anos atrás +2

      MLP Minecraft Girl! They are still making studio and video with derp

    KAYCEE WONDERLAND Anos atrás +151

    AHAHAHAhah- the disco dance, the camera getting hit behind the scenes and the derp scream ones are my favorite 🤣😭💀💀

  • hannah kc
    hannah kc Anos atrás +97

    These bloopers are WAY too funny to watch. Hopefully we get to see the full bloopers of Alex and Steve Life, with all animations coming to it.

  • TheLan7281
    TheLan7281 Anos atrás +7

    Hey Arbiter617!!! Just wanted to say it’s nice to see you still out here making what you like. Really miss your old stuff like Project Middleground and Rise of the Spartans. Classic machinimas! Just know you have supporters who have stood the test of time. Good to see everything has gone off the ground like you hoped!

    • the blaze
      the blaze 11 meses atrás +1

      arby is gone from BPS and is making indie games now

  • ItzAbdYT [NORA]
    ItzAbdYT [NORA] Anos atrás +19

    These bloopers were honestly new and funny, Thanks to omeleto for directing such a cool animation for us, Hope to see the part 2 if its coming out

    • Poisonous_Pie
      Poisonous_Pie Anos atrás

      Ikr, he's by far my favourite BPS animator!

  • Huski
    Huski Anos atrás +6

    Hey! I was wondering if there will ever be an updated tutorial series on blender minecraft animations for the latest version? It would be very appreciated since Blender has faced many changes since the release of your guys' (Arbiter's) animation tutorials in 2017. It would be nice to have an updated tutorial on what you guys learned since that series upload. Things like models, rigging, animation, renders/lighting, or even effects or small tips and tricks to make our animations better. Thank you guys so much for all the amazing quality animations with amazing scores of music and story telling that helped inspire use small content creators!

  • Yotube gaming
    Yotube gaming Anos atrás +115

    This guy really knows how to make a sponsor ship ad without anyone noticing

  • Iamraginghard
    Iamraginghard Anos atrás +511

    Just finished the premiere I’m guessing the final scene is gonna be a pretty nice place for the ol’ fall-into-lava-while-screaming blooper

    • Rondal
      Rondal Anos atrás +27

      You were wrong hahaha

    • Dender Dragon
      Dender Dragon Anos atrás +58

      I was waiting the whole time for it and now feel incomplete

    • QvZPlays
      QvZPlays Anos atrás +18

      Who thought this comment was roblox 😂😂

    • Rondal
      Rondal Anos atrás +18

      @Dender Dragon we can't live without Lava Blooper

    • Rondal
      Rondal Anos atrás +9

      @QvZPlays umm, i think just you

  • Elijah Chandran
    Elijah Chandran Anos atrás +31

    always love the bloopers, I look forward to them after every video but I really thought that there would be a blooper at the end when steve just drops him and he falls into lava while screaming

  • B E A N Z
    B E A N Z Anos atrás +148

    3:41 honestly, this so wholesome. 😌

    • Oiu
      Oiu Anos atrás +6


    • Mastxr_
      Mastxr_ Anos atrás +14

      That wither skeleton looked so happy after it got the balloon ^^

    • Notpostor
      Notpostor 11 meses atrás +5

      2:47 when i got 2 mom😆😆

    • Commander_Appo10
      Commander_Appo10 11 meses atrás +1

      The good ending

    • JJfeelsAwesome
      JJfeelsAwesome 10 meses atrás +2


  • Jackson Lee
    Jackson Lee Anos atrás +33

    It seems we have a new recurring bloop of the dancing piglin with TNT.
    For such a serious animation the bloopers are a welcome new look on it.

  • Bacon
    Bacon Anos atrás +16

    the bloopers are so much funnier than the normal one XD

  • A Balloon
    A Balloon Anos atrás +57

    2:37 that part had me rolling in tears

    • Sweet Girl
      Sweet Girl 10 meses atrás +1

      Had me preventing to breath while laughing

  • Yashiraii
    Yashiraii Anos atrás +41

    There's alot of new bloopers scene here. They're just literally funny, This made me laugh so hard. 😂😂

    XBERTRON Anos atrás +32

    0:06 the fighting ended up to dancing party
    0:23 they ignore the piglin
    2:14 inside the room , it has a lots of tnts and the baby piglin lit a tnt with its redstone torch (already) and BOOM
    2:24 Ah its YEEEEEEEEEEE ( again )
    2:37 drone camera got hit and staff and derp got spotted
    2:47 this boy shouted like a godzilla's roar . Also his head is shrink big .
    3:05 Baby piglin grabbed the witherboy hand and it spinning until they got in a lavafalls
    3:21 TNT BASTION
    3:31 Wither rose spawn a lots of derps
    3:39 so the wither skeleton wanted a balloon instead .
    3:54 Baby piglin dissapears and a screen of
    3:58 emotional damage . So the player get mad and smashing the laptop
    4:13 the witherboy kicked steve in to the lava with an alex shook .
    4:25 the bed explode .
    4:35 the piglins hopping .
    Do you guys saw a old bloopers reference?
    I dont think 0:31 can be included .

  • Jeremiah Lopez
    Jeremiah Lopez 9 meses atrás +6

    My favorite part about this is when the winter skeleton comes out of the flower and buys a balloon and start smiling like he's so happy 😁😁😁

  • Finn Berning
    Finn Berning Anos atrás +2

    you should continue doing these. They are great!

  • Tenshi Akuma
    Tenshi Akuma 11 meses atrás

    This animation movie was awesome. My only complaint was it was a little short leaving little time to develop the wither boy. But other than that, the action was thrilling, the story was compelling, and overall, it was a really fun animation to watch.

  • Moss dude
    Moss dude Anos atrás +23

    I love how these are releasing alongside each other now

    • MeMe Tv
      MeMe Tv Anos atrás

      wow, i also do hot lego theme

  • Insane MCYT Moments
    Insane MCYT Moments Anos atrás +5

    The main animation for your love of lore
    The bloopers for your love of impulse decisions of what should happen next

  • StarDino
    StarDino Anos atrás +3

    This is some massive Pixar vibes. Like after the movie when they have a in universe blooper.

  • Bruh Momentus
    Bruh Momentus Anos atrás +71

    3:42 - The secret good ending. Man just wants a balloon.
    4:24 - dang that’s some good foreshadowing

    • N1CK3F
      N1CK3F Anos atrás +2

      Yes, you can't sleep in the nether🤣

    • VoidedCrystal
      VoidedCrystal Anos atrás +2

      Omg I just realized that's what he got?! I'm an idiot I forgot what piglins barter but fire res damn

    • Frododoggyno2 Roblox
      Frododoggyno2 Roblox 11 meses atrás +2

      He looks so happy with the balloon lol

  • Taira__
    Taira__ Anos atrás +2

    The bloopers are just too good 😂

  • Sleeves
    Sleeves Anos atrás +2

    I Wish This Creator Could Make an Animation for our own story!! 😁

  • VoidWorldGaming 1116
    VoidWorldGaming 1116 Anos atrás +46

    Oh come on it was perfectly lined up at the end of the episode to pull another falling into lava scream meme
    *We were this close to greatness*

  • Miruza Naki
    Miruza Naki 11 meses atrás +1

    bloopers keep improving every time

  • Ozblivion
    Ozblivion Anos atrás +1

    I find great inspiration from your animation style

  • Edlemm
    Edlemm Anos atrás +2

    Hey, Black Plasma, you might not read this but if you do, I would appreciate if you could continue Songs of War as I really liked the series. If songs of war can’t be continued can you maybe make another series with voice actors and world building and plot like that? Again, loving the content

  • Sofia
    Sofia 11 meses atrás +1

    Wow, this is truly funny! I remembered the old golden times with Nitrox and Naya. Those were my favourite animations and you really made my childhood. Thank you so much for just doing your job!

  • M
    M Anos atrás +3

    I wish there were an Anakin scene, there were a lot of opportunities, being in he Nether. Also, personally, I think it would've been more sad, if the portal had closed behind the half-wither guy (don't know his name, sorry). This also gives me Songs of War vibes, which I love. I wish they would have continued Songs of War. Excellent animation, guys! Love it!

    • WingShine
      WingShine Anos atrás +1

      The half wither guy name is Eric (You can see it in the description of the original animation vidio of this blooper vidio)

    • mallika thapliyal
      mallika thapliyal 2 meses atrás

      @WingShine Yeah i saw the descripction of orignal video

  • Nova Drake
    Nova Drake Anos atrás +14

    I think they had the bloopers prepared because they knew it would be that popular

  • KS T
    KS T Anos atrás +7

    The villagers saw Eric's gift as a lively blessing so instead of fearing him, they welcomed him back with open arms, and so Eric stay with them and lived happily ever after.

  • -=StarLight=-
    -=StarLight=- 11 meses atrás +1

    How many people in all are on your team, I've heard many different names, but never the exact count. Thanks! (Your animations have inspired me to start making my own, though, so far, I haven't finished any).

  • Useful
    Useful 9 meses atrás +5

    2:19 I swear there’s one of these in every blooper 😂

  • Vikunth
    Vikunth Anos atrás +42

    The camera hitting the tree was the funniest thing ever

  • Samantha Siefken
    Samantha Siefken Anos atrás +1

    If you decide to continue this series I have an idea for an episode, remember the Villager Raid episode? At the end Steve and Alex got a map that lead to a mansion, they should go find it. Also two questions. Is Nether War going to have a part 2? And what are the names of Steve and Alex's horse and wolf?

  • Mc mac
    Mc mac Anos atrás +13

    The best scene of the blooper was when he was running and camera falls 😂

  • V
    V Anos atrás +6

    I just love the fact that at 4:13 - 4:15 the guy just did "this is Sparta" to Steve

  • KokileBokilee
    KokileBokilee Anos atrás +1

    2:26 glad to see this blooper still exist after watching your chanel again after 4 years

  • StarLeader44
    StarLeader44 Anos atrás +50


  • Donald Trumps Cat
    Donald Trumps Cat Anos atrás +6

    Took me a while to realize. They don't have beds in the nether, they have BEDrock...

  • Flaming Penguin
    Flaming Penguin Anos atrás +1

    Could you guys make an updated minecraft animation tutorial because I'd like to make those as well.

  • Creeper_323
    Creeper_323 Anos atrás +19

    4:09 the good old netherite stairs

  • MarkMaster123
    MarkMaster123 Anos atrás

    I swear the bloopers are amazing I couldn't stop laughing for each of them keep up the great work :>

  • Super Penguin 64
    Super Penguin 64 Anos atrás

    To tell you the truth, I miss the giant derp that appeared in the bloopers

  • Phantom Gato
    Phantom Gato Anos atrás +1

    Finally, a decent sponsor in any place

  • Dark_§cratch
    Dark_§cratch Anos atrás +1

    Great vid as always, your animations are perfect and golden as always. I kind of want to see an interaction between Eric and Lone they both have something that makes them unique for ex, Eric is part human part wither and rules a kingdom in the nether while Lone finds and takes care of a baby enderdragon I also ship them to say the least.

  • Ivan Krestyannikov
    Ivan Krestyannikov Anos atrás

    Браво! У вас топовые анимации! Что по графике, движениям, сценарию, что по идее...
    Далеко уйдёте!

  • Sneha Phatak
    Sneha Phatak Anos atrás +3

    Bloopers make it funny and less valuable but still they r fun

  • Nocx
    Nocx Anos atrás

    Wow, I really expected one scene in particular, but it wasn't here.
    Then again, I imagined it and burst out laughing during the actual animation, so...

  • Nolan McLarty
    Nolan McLarty Anos atrás +1

    This dude needs to make a meme episode

  • Faze_Savvy
    Faze_Savvy 9 meses atrás

    this animation actually made me pretty sad because of the boys backstory it made it sadder and all his emotions

  • HawkEyeArt
    HawkEyeArt Anos atrás

    We need another tutorial series on minecraft animation in blender (updated)!

  • Timothy Bond
    Timothy Bond Anos atrás

    dude the fish scream never gets old xD Keep it up man, love what you're doing

  • Kapono Falconer
    Kapono Falconer Anos atrás +5

    The guy at 2:45 was so heartbroken, he had to roar everything out lol

  • Plasma
    Plasma 11 meses atrás

    bruh this is probably the funniest bps bloopers I've ever seen

  • Michael Campos
    Michael Campos Anos atrás

    Ok so I have only recently started watching black plasma studios again after long time, like 2019, or something like that and I never been invested in the lore of the videos, let alone Alex and Steve's life, and I only been interested in derp's story, but after watching a few new videos, I have to ask: is Steve now in a relationship with the character lone?

  • Rafael Rez Riel Sayo
    Rafael Rez Riel Sayo Anos atrás +1

    i laughed so hard at this part 2:47

  • Lady HimekoiHD
    Lady HimekoiHD Anos atrás +1

    2:37 this part got me laughing so hard HAHAHAH, It makes me feels like that it's a shoot for the movie

  • Gallardo117 117
    Gallardo117 117 Anos atrás +1

    nunca me dejan de sorprender

  • Calebblaze
    Calebblaze Anos atrás +7

    I have a feeling the dancing baby piglin with TNT is going to become one of those legendary BPS bloopers - alongside giant derp, yee, and falling into lava!
    (Btw we needed that final scene to have the falling into lava blooper, where was it?)

    • Matt2001
      Matt2001 Anos atrás

      They probably didn’t do the falling into lava thing for the final scene because it everybody was expecting it or smth

  • coolbaconXV
    coolbaconXV Anos atrás

    "Emotional damage"
    Gotten me dead laughing🤣

  • SZ_Courage
    SZ_Courage Anos atrás

    I CANT STOP LAUGHING- What’s with all the TNTs? 😂😂😂 I love it!!!

  • Deniz Craft
    Deniz Craft Anos atrás

    if you watch most of their bloopers then you probdably know whats gonna happen in this blooper video

  • Yohanes Lukas YT Channel

    Ohh men, that sponsor delivery was smooth ✨👌

  • Extract
    Extract Anos atrás +11

    3:05 got me dying

  • Gb484
    Gb484 Anos atrás +2

    4:34 tbh I like this one more that the original

  • Timmyrbx
    Timmyrbx Anos atrás

    Classic thing that is my favourite to watch bloopers.

  • ITzSusMan69
    ITzSusMan69 Anos atrás

    Fun fact: all of the building are made of TNT, Nice Blooper Black Plasma :)

  • UZI147
    UZI147 Anos atrás +19

    4:36 that's funny

  • Ulicrack_yt
    Ulicrack_yt Anos atrás +3

    Really nice animation ;)

  • обэмэн
    обэмэн Anos atrás

    2:35 I didn't know derp was a crew of film command I laughed so hard

  • T.E.G.G
    T.E.G.G Anos atrás +3

    the blooper make me laugh so hard HAHAH
    cool animation Black Plasma Studios!!!

  • Enchanted Bread
    Enchanted Bread Anos atrás +2

    Awesome work guys, my animations are trashy compared to your godlike abilities.

  • Sunset Flxp
    Sunset Flxp Anos atrás

    Yo. I would like to see an updated animation tutorial if possible.

  • REDCHEPPY - Mine Builder Channel

    4:45 오오.. 다음편 기대대네용

    • jsh park
      jsh park Anos atrás

      한국어다아.... ! (감격)
      이렇게 반가울 수가.... ㅠ

  • Danielle Edwards
    Danielle Edwards Anos atrás

    Yall should’ve added the fall in lava joke because it will probably fit in the nether lol

  • Averydude
    Averydude Anos atrás

    Ok now I understand why they use bed-rock not beds in nether.

  • Empy
    Empy Anos atrás +6

    The one at 3:38 gives me PTSD of the SoW blooper where Grim robs the guy for the scythe

  • CusaKinG
    CusaKinG Anos atrás

    hola, hace tiempo me suscribí a este canal por una pelicula que hicieron ( songs of war ) por lo que recuerdo quedaba como para una secuela se sabe si habra o se cancelo?

    BOY GAMING Anos atrás

    I as a Minicraf viewer are very proud to be able to see Minecraft funny, keep it up bro

  • Ashaly 101
    Ashaly 101 Anos atrás

    When you make these videos, do you make the bloopers while you’re doing it mid video production or at the end

  • Zhida Yin
    Zhida Yin Anos atrás

    I love the one where the player died of emotional damage 🤣

  • Jerimisu
    Jerimisu Anos atrás +9

    0:18 The Good Ending

  • Nicefang
    Nicefang Anos atrás

    I’m quite sure the next bloopers for the next part of this WILL have a falling anakin scream into lava

  • Redheaded_gurl
    Redheaded_gurl Anos atrás

    That emotional damage got me lol 🤣

  • Lucknise Gauthier
    Lucknise Gauthier Anos atrás

    3:03 LOL! This part is very funny!

  • -=StarLight=-
    -=StarLight=- 11 meses atrás

    I love your animations, but I would also like to know what animating app you use?

  • JuansLoveTV
    JuansLoveTV Anos atrás +6

    Wither Skeleton: Can I have a Balloon?

  • CJ!
    CJ! Anos atrás +6

    0:25 the good ending

  • Athena's Sweet Little Corner

    I can't stop laughing 🤣

  • seenyboii
    seenyboii Anos atrás

    the emotional damage was my most favourite part

  • Lena
    Lena Anos atrás

    Ok idk why I'm laughing at every single scene LOL

  • Relcampis Determination

    a lot of us were waiting for the good ol' steve falling into lava while screaming blooper
    sadly there wasn't

  • E. D. Emma
    E. D. Emma Anos atrás

    Lesson learned, if You see a Dancing piglin holding a redstone torch, RUN!

  • Ria Syafriani
    Ria Syafriani Anos atrás +19

    4:26 that's logic

  • Caramanduca_5
    Caramanduca_5 Anos atrás

    Solo tuve que ver 2 minutos y darme cuenta que los bloopers son como una modificación de algunas escenas volviéndolas graciosas

  • Brain Boy
    Brain Boy Anos atrás

    Ok this blooper is funny. It solves the problem of the jokes being too repetitve.

  • ZAnTi • • • • •

    0:07 Smooth
    0:20 it's pretty good if they ignore the piglin
    2:17 how that piglin friend is still alive but that wholesome
    2:30 poor Camera. Wait why derp is on the studio
    2:40 boy has screamed like an Derpzilla
    2:50 Another Helikopet Helikopter version
    3:10 A TNT explode but it's have more funny if we that expploding
    3:28 2000 derp, I mean 9000 derp now🥳
    3:40 he just wanted an balloon
    3:48 Emotional Damage
    4:15 Rip Steve how about for doggo and there horse
    4:19 not to be mean but it's not a bloopers gang just a real life on minecraft
    4:30 who saw piglin there head hopping too
    4:40 A TNT castle again