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DRAGON EGG: THE STORM Alex and Steve Life (Minecraft Animation)

  • Publicado em 15 Jul 2022
    • Dragon Rescue: The Sto...
    • The Making of Dragon R...
    Lone and her Ender Dragon, Flynn have been discovered by Steve. Through an act of kindness Flynn is allowed to stay, but with growth comes new challenges. The threat of weather also looms large. A storm approaches.
    Joaquin V
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  • IndoDINO YouTube
    IndoDINO YouTube Anos atrás +311

    This was absolutely beautiful! There's no words to describe how amazing and well written this was. The HTTYD reference... the dragon helping to repair the village... the community coming together to build the dragon a home... SO BEAUTIFUL!!! This is by far my favorite BPS animation. Well done! 👍🏻

    • Mont27P
      Mont27P Anos atrás +5

      I appreciate the kind words. Glad you liked it so much :D

    • IndoDINO YouTube
      IndoDINO YouTube Anos atrás +2

      @Mont27P No problem! You did a really great job on it!

    • Kitty Shenanigans
      Kitty Shenanigans Anos atrás +7

      Loved the HTTYD reference

    • RadarLocation
      RadarLocation Anos atrás +2

      I completely agree!

    • Dig1talNinja
      Dig1talNinja 3 meses atrás +3

      the HTTYD scene from the first movie was so well done. so much feeling and nostalgia compacted into this minecraft animation 💙

  • Harry Lanigan
    Harry Lanigan Anos atrás +673

    As someone who has played Minecraft for 8 years, this is really touching. 12/10 man, you nailed this!

  • Pele AnimationComics
    Pele AnimationComics Anos atrás +860

    I love that they’ve put How To Train Your Dragon references in here, it brings me back to when I’ve seen the first movie at the age of ten and now here I am 23 years old and still loving dragons to no end in sight!

    • []YenRai[]
      []YenRai[] Anos atrás +14

      And also tinker bell never beast

    • EuroFalke
      EuroFalke Anos atrás +31

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that xD

    • Hawerd Riser
      Hawerd Riser Anos atrás +13

      I was going through comments to find anyone who noticed

    • Rosyid Syahru Romadhon Alimin
      Rosyid Syahru Romadhon Alimin Anos atrás +5

      yep, sick move by the writer/animators

    • Geovanni Soares
      Geovanni Soares Anos atrás +7

      I love so much the HTTYD Franchise ❤️🐲🐉

  • Critters Pictures
    Critters Pictures Anos atrás +71

    One thing I really loved was seeing the bond between Lone and Flynn as well as how the dragon's interactions affect the village, not to mention how nice the story flowed throughout both animations (the dragon animations and the lightning by the way, were fire). Perhaps my favourite animation of the year! Superb job as always Mont, excited to see more of Lone and Flynn in the future!

    • Mont27P
      Mont27P Anos atrás +1

      Appreciate the kind words and the comment :D

  • Jackson Lee
    Jackson Lee Anos atrás +250

    The references in these animations are just great, there was the How to Train Your Dragon reference, and I'm pretty sure that was Scar from hermitcraft. The story was wholesome too! Seriously these guys at Black Plasma Studios are just great animators and story tellers!

    • Gmoney
      Gmoney Anos atrás +15

      ye scar from hermitcraft and his cat jelly

    • Adrian Nicholas theo
      Adrian Nicholas theo Anos atrás +10

      Thank God I wasn't the only one to know the hermicraft reference

    • That1ConfusedWafle
      That1ConfusedWafle Anos atrás +3

      @Adrian Nicholas theo yeh

    • WinterNinja
      WinterNinja 11 meses atrás +1

      Oh and there was references to a TinkerBell movie, it's the one with the bewilder beast

    • Dasha M
      Dasha M 3 meses atrás

      К кпд

  • ReyReyy
    ReyReyy 10 meses atrás +14

    This reminds me of how nostalgic how to tame your dragon series. It's so wholesome, it's like the dragon is toothless whenever he jumps with the iron helmet scene. 💚 It's so adorable.

  • David Marques
    David Marques Anos atrás +1485

    Random Fun Fact: Did you know that this season of Alex and Steve life is 100+ minutes long altogether now?

  • Redstone Animates
    Redstone Animates Anos atrás +49

    I'm glad Steve gave the dragon a second chance, the dragon just needed some time to improve and regain his title. :D

  • Ruth Redding
    Ruth Redding Anos atrás +35

    8:15 reminds me of scene from How to Train Your Dragon...
    I love how ya'll keep coming up with new characters and effects. The fire looked alot more real than it did in some previously vids, and the clouds lit up where the lightning shot through them. I love how the dragon glowed every time lightning hit it (another HTTYD reference)
    Also I liked how this story ended with the dragon getting a cool cave near the village. Honestly I wouldn't mind staying in that cave myself, with a hammock and a good book 😁
    Edit: I just went through other comments and realized others saw the HTTYD references. Glad I'm not the only one 😁

  • Pranav G
    Pranav G Anos atrás +6

    This was so cute!!! I loved how people felt pity for the dragon when it was a baby and as it grew up, it became a nuisance, but after saving the girl’s life, and the very end scene in the dragon’s cave, I kind of wish that the dragon egg could hatch in Minecraft

  • Elijah Chandran
    Elijah Chandran Anos atrás +51

    you really feel annoyed when these non-dialogue, animated videos end so quickly.
    love the work and can't wait to see what you guys have next.
    hopefully, it is songs of war part two👍👍👍

    • StormCat
      StormCat Anos atrás +5

      I really think BPS won't work on songs of war again...its up to the fans now

    • Bonnie Dykstra
      Bonnie Dykstra Anos atrás +1

      You didn’t hear they cancelled songs of war? They made a whole announcement. I’m sad to see it go but it wasn’t successful enough

    • random symbol
      random symbol Anos atrás +1

      @StormCat yeah besides David already published the script it's unlikely they'll make an animation of it

  • frank
    frank 6 meses atrás

    No tengo palabras para describir lo feliz que me hizo este capitulo. simplemente hermoso.

  • Mont27P
    Mont27P Anos atrás +414

    Hope people enjoyed this. This isn't the last we will see of these 2, I can assure you that. In the mean time, who is hyped for Nether War in a few weeks? Directed by Omeleto.
    Also… SCAR!

    • 443Cosmic
      443Cosmic Anos atrás +6

      I’m ready!

    • Yashiraii
      Yashiraii Anos atrás +16

      I'm so excited for the nether war, it's gonna be a fire animation for sure. 🔥❤️

    • David Marques
      David Marques Anos atrás +6

      Heck Yeah Man! I can't wait to see Wither-Man!

    • David Marques
      David Marques Anos atrás +7

      Wait...you're telling me there's a part 3 of this????? Well when there is a part 3, I hope that the eye of ender that they got from Enderman Attack is gonna have some sort of connection to this.

    • Richard Mace
      Richard Mace Anos atrás +4

      Nether war is my destiny. Alr I'm exaggerating yes I'm very excited for nether war its gonna be rok on!! 🔥🔥

  • Mihir Abhyankar
    Mihir Abhyankar Anos atrás +119

    I squeaked when I saw Jelli and Scar... Its so wholesome ❤️

  • StarLeader44
    StarLeader44 Anos atrás +25

    8:06 Loved the How To Train Your Dragon reference! Awesome animation! Love the style! The facial animations are really well done and the reflections look great!

    • WinterNinja
      WinterNinja 11 meses atrás +1

      Oh and there was a reference to another movie, a tinker bell one, that is where all the lightning and the ending comes from

    • StarLeader44
      StarLeader44 11 meses atrás

      @WinterNinja I think I watched that one with my younger sisters. Legend of The Neverbeast I believe was the name. Yeah I can kinda see it.

  • 🦋Candy25Gamer🦋
    🦋Candy25Gamer🦋 Anos atrás +3

    I really liked the animation, especially because it reminded me a lot of the series "how to train your dragon". But honestly I would like to see Alex back.

  • Josh Ma
    Josh Ma Anos atrás +24

    This could possibly be my favorite Alex and Steve life animation. Because it took a ton of inspiration from How to Train Your Dragon, the hiding, the chaos and the protecting. I'm a huge fan of the HTTYD series, and this brings back all the memories I have of it.

    • Geovanni Soares
      Geovanni Soares Anos atrás +3

      I also really like the HTTYD franchise

    • Josh Ma
      Josh Ma Anos atrás +3

      @Geovanni Soares respect

  • Lili Zacarias valencia
    Lili Zacarias valencia Anos atrás +14

    Alguien más se quedó con ganas de una tercera parte, yo sí

  • Yashiraii
    Yashiraii Anos atrás +231

    Yes, the part two.. the thing that i was waiting for. I can't explain how good these animations, i'm just always getting amazed seeing these animations because they're so good and smooth, the storyline are different to the other animations out there, this is a masterpiece. Everytime BPS posts a new video, i'm just noticing that every new animations has a new effects, new movements and new characters being introduced, keep working for your new animations later on, i'm always watching Black Plasma Studios whatever happened, because this channel is the best minecraft animator existed for me. ❤️

    • Mont27P
      Mont27P Anos atrás +9

      Appreciate it. Hope you enjoy the premiere :D

      IHASYOU  Anos atrás +2

      @Puspanjali Patra yeah ı aggre. ı love black plasma animations!

    • Nyashka Fury🇧🇾
      Nyashka Fury🇧🇾 Anos atrás +1


      [FOR KPOP FANS] 11 meses atrás

      En dónde conseguiste el comentario

  • Глеб Крутейший

    How thrilling and exciting. I didn't even expect this, but I wanted such similar videos to be in the future.

  • Tankbreaker
    Tankbreaker Anos atrás +4

    Another fantastic animation, Mr. Mont! Already looking forward to what comes next 🙂👍🎉
    Edit: Also, RIP to Spielefreak and the other two patrons who got stranded in the End

  • Playlists & Reviews
    Playlists & Reviews Anos atrás +2

    It's never easy raising young ones, but the memories you make with them will always be priceless!
    For better or for worse, through rain or shine, they will remember you as you will remember them! :)

  • PixelcraftK
    PixelcraftK Anos atrás +3

    I really loved this animation. I found that the starting was good bcs then I knew how the egg ended up there. The effects and animation was super cool :3 And the ending is just too good. Awesome work Mont :)

  • Czecherboard
    Czecherboard Anos atrás +2

    This animation is awesome! Maybe my favourite from the Alex and Steve life series. Also the reference to Scar is great :)

  • ItzAbdYT [NORA]
    ItzAbdYT [NORA] Anos atrás +229

    The best part of mont's animation is all the characters have "Joined" teeth which is more unique than all the other animator's animations
    I hope others noticed that

    • Adrian Demetrio
      Adrian Demetrio Anos atrás +4

      I 👍

    • Tooktook
      Tooktook Anos atrás +1

      Not me🙄

    • Gigachad
      Gigachad Anos atrás +4

      Yeah but it kinda looks a little weird ya know.

    • Bill Benedon
      Bill Benedon Anos atrás +1

      Everyone in mont’s animation always looks annoyed or angry..

    • ItzAbdYT [NORA]
      ItzAbdYT [NORA] Anos atrás +2

      @Bill Benedon Yeah I was gonna mention that

  • MelikeDidar
    MelikeDidar Anos atrás +32

    I repeat. It was the perfect episode. I can't wait to see this couple again. Same for Bloopers. The next part is the Nether War part that I'm very curious about :)
    I'm just repeating. You did an excellent job, Mont. facial expressions are amazing. I love teeth :) and Thank you for little Alex scene. lol.

  • Moth ♡[Potato]
    Moth ♡[Potato] Anos atrás +8

    I loved the story!! Your animations are more fun to watch and more addicting then actual tv shows!! The How To Train Your Dragon references took me back to good times. Thank you for continuing to work to make these amazing minecraft animations and movies!

  • Angelus_Solus
    Angelus_Solus Anos atrás

    Great. A Black Plasma Studios animation I actually cried at the end with. That was brilliant.

  • FatherOfKayos
    FatherOfKayos Anos atrás +9

    Anybody else get goosebumps when the dragon spread its wings and roared at the end? 👏😆

  • ThatSkyPanda
    ThatSkyPanda Anos atrás +1

    I have been watching your Alex and Steve series for a while, and now I can finally comment! This looks phenomenal and I am always so happy when you post! Keep up the amazing work! ❤

  • Count DoDo
    Count DoDo Anos atrás +20

    We need more epic animations on this scale, the music was amazing as well!

  • XxKiraAnimatezZ
    XxKiraAnimatezZ Anos atrás +3

    I love it!^^ The animation is super smooth and as always, the lighting and graphics r absolutely beautiful. It has very interesting plot too! I also love the thumbnail! The colors contrast very well together and it displays rather good expectations of what to expect in the animation. This was another perfect animation, excellent job!^^💜

  • Naomi
    Naomi Anos atrás +76

    I really got a How To Train Your Dragon vibe in this one. Also I can already see the memes of the dragon being turned to ash, the lightning hitting the guy instead of the rod, and the skeleton of the dragon tamer because he ate her! Lol please do these in your bloopers

    • TwinShards
      TwinShards Anos atrás +8

      Yup i had the same HTTYD vibe. I'm sure they aimed for that XD

    • Geovanni Soares
      Geovanni Soares Anos atrás +2

      I love HTTYD Franchise ❤️❤️🐉🐲

    • Haw Abbas
      Haw Abbas Anos atrás +3

      Steve the vast
      And hicette

  • Cheldium
    Cheldium Anos atrás +1

    Btw guys your last few animations seem to be a lot more alive lately! Especially the characters' expressions. Nice work!

  • NotZodiak
    NotZodiak Anos atrás +12

    I can see the inspiration of How To Train Your Dragons 1 and 3. Really makes me love this series even more!!!

    • Тимур Тыква
      Тимур Тыква 11 meses atrás

      Um, the fact is that How To Train Your Dragon 3 its worse that 1 and 2, because firstly no plots, secondly Light Fury created several plot holes, thirdly not as scary as the dialogues say, and they're just disgusting in the third part, especially Hiccup's friends, fourthly what else i didnt like was the development of the universe by adding a secret world, well, it didn't give anything either, because they didn't let us understand exactly how the secret world found, in the plot of the picture, toothless was simply brought there by Light Fury, and then Hiccup followed us, but according to the logic of the picture, that is, they don't know that every day there flies back to the secret world and other dragons don't? Or Hiccup basically didn't fly to the west? It turns out secret peace was found simply because a hypnotized Light fury under the dude's control took Tothless to the Secret World, fifthly, many people forgot the vow, but the Light Fury from beginning to end, suppossedly under the influenxe of poison, was controlled by a dude, really? In fact, no signs of this were visible, well, so you can endlessly sharpen the actions of the picture because they are spelled out. Sixthly, there are no more actual minuses, but i want to put my coin, and say what personally annoyed me, that's exactly what i didn't like for my facial expressions of the characters, this is of course a feature of the franchise and you won't find another such animation, well, damn, look at this, "I underestimated him, my fault, but this will not happen again", why is he so twitchy and nervous, i have a feeling that he was also pressed into the alley by gopniks and he's like, "ah ah, okay bros, let's no proplem, we're all normal guys here.", here, but i couldn't watch it, maybe im not the only one?

  • Xplayers
    Xplayers Anos atrás +2

    Это немного грустная история, но она очень милая. Жду не дождусь продолжения( если оно будет 😅). Удачи вам в своём деле. И спасибо за прекраснейшую анимацию.

  • aLex XeL
    aLex XeL Anos atrás +39

    Amo estás animaciones, desde hace ya 4 años las veo y me han parecido muy buenas animaciones, lo único malo es cuando termina el vídeo.
    Black Plasma Studios♥️

  • Roque Crafter
    Roque Crafter Anos atrás +17

    I love how Scar is just there looking at Jelly 🤣🤣 The detail... loved it

    • Evan Martin
      Evan Martin Anos atrás

      I know me too 😂

    • Mont27P
      Mont27P Anos atrás +2

      Good ol Scar

    • Evan Martin
      Evan Martin Anos atrás

      @Mont27P “Good old Scar” add the “d”

    • Mont27P
      Mont27P Anos atrás +1

      @Evan Martin no, lol. Good ol is an informal saying.

    • Evan Martin
      Evan Martin Anos atrás

      @Mont27P Oh my bad lol. Good ol Scar indeed.

  • Turnmations
    Turnmations Anos atrás +8

    when the dragon saved his owner from lightning it just reminded me of the first how to train your dragon movie and also this feels like as if songs of war hasn't been canceled it has so much vibe I really love these animations

  • TC
    TC Anos atrás

    Absolutely loved this one, the ending put me in tears a bit, love your animations!

  • Lil Miss Unique
    Lil Miss Unique Anos atrás +8

    This was really well animated. It has many references to How to train your Dragon and Tinkerbell the legend of the Neverbeast. I honestly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.
    Also, SCAR and JELLIE

    • Mont27P
      Mont27P Anos atrás +3

      Glad a few people are pointing out the one and only SCAR. Honestly though, never heard of the Tinkerbell thing people have been referencing, so there definitely isn’t an intentional reference there.

  • emmanuel lmpo
    emmanuel lmpo Anos atrás +1

    it's real amazing how you guys could write such an amazing story
    just imagine if they could bring alex and steve into Songs of War

  • 🔥J Gabs12 Studios 👍
    🔥J Gabs12 Studios 👍 Anos atrás +15

    Oh yeah! Can’t wait for part 2 of this! I know it’s going to be awesome! I’m also excited for the bloopers and then a movie version, at least I think they’ll be a movie version with part 1.

    • Mont27P
      Mont27P Anos atrás +3

      Since there's only 2 parts, there probably won't be a movie version. Regardless hope you enjoy this :D

    • 🔥J Gabs12 Studios 👍
      🔥J Gabs12 Studios 👍 Anos atrás +2

      @Mont27P oh really?…..oh well, no biggie just thought of there was. Anyway, I’m confident that I’ll enjoy it because every single animation that you all did was absolutely amazing and I know this will be too. Every single one of your animations are amazing and I love them all! :D

    • alex huerta
      alex huerta Anos atrás +1

      What what

    • alex huerta
      alex huerta Anos atrás +1


  • Deathsinger
    Deathsinger Anos atrás +2

    Man, this is your best work in years, absolutely fantastic job!

  • Singing Crow
    Singing Crow Anos atrás +68

    2:31 goodtimeswithscar and his cat jelly. Was surprised to see them here, but loved every bit of it.

  • Songal18
    Songal18 Anos atrás

    The dragon wearing that iron helmet was adorable! So glad they get to stay around ^^ And of course another amazing animating job everybody!!

    ЗНАХАРЬ ТВ Anos atrás +11

    мое уважение блек плазма студиос , вы воистенну восхетительные аниматоры и эта анимация просто душещипательная что заставила меня прослезится от восторга при просмотре данного ролика , плюс сцена отсылка к мультфильму как приручить дракона это уважение , желаю вам и вашей студии больше таких проектов и годного контента !

  • Orsakan Studio
    Orsakan Studio Anos atrás +2

    It's so cute and awesome :D Even bigger, the dragon look adorable.
    Well done.

  • MegaRayquaza24 Gaming
    MegaRayquaza24 Gaming Anos atrás +7

    I am so hyped for part 2, I love your animations BPS
    Keep up the great work ❤️

  • ReusableRocket
    ReusableRocket Anos atrás +3

    This ender dragon is still the cutest thing this channel has ever made! I never knew that an animated, blocky dragon could have so much personality! Great video BPS!

  • TheGuardian91
    TheGuardian91 Anos atrás +2

    A positive ender dragon is the dream that we all cherish deep down 💜

  • Charmander iscool
    Charmander iscool Anos atrás

    the most unrealistic part about this isn't the fact that the dragon egg hatched, but the fact that lightning struck the same village 80 times

  • insignificant
    insignificant Anos atrás +1

    This reminds me of spawning enderdragons in the overworld and they create a cave system at a specific cords.

  • S×G Night Fury
    S×G Night Fury Anos atrás

    This is the best series in the whole world.... keep up the good work 🍀
    Thanks for such animations and and thanks to your partners.... Thanks to Black Plasma Studios and your partners ♥️♥️❤️

  • Abinav Darshan Sa
    Abinav Darshan Sa Anos atrás +11

    your videos are amazing man!.. i always liked them so much.. the only thing i wonder about is that how you guys are creating the videos so soon!?...i wish you all the best for your future videos black plasma studios!!

  • Omega (0890]
    Omega (0890] Anos atrás +1

    When u realize this animation almost the same as how to train your dragon 1. What a nostalgia man

  • Renaldo900gamer
    Renaldo900gamer Anos atrás +31

    4:56 Made me laugh hard, I just love how the Ender Dragon takes off with the squid!!🤣🤣

  • Dotholly
    Dotholly Anos atrás +1

    Ah! So beautiful! I love dragon stories! (I do wish Alex was more involved, and Steve wasn't the bad guy (ish). Oh, well.)
    The animation of the storm was gorgeous! MAybe even perfect!

  • Donald Trumps Cat
    Donald Trumps Cat Anos atrás +1

    I refuse to believe this is only a 2-part animation. They should have their own series. Also, lightning dragon!

  • Airy Marns
    Airy Marns Anos atrás +1

    It's a very cute animation, with principles of love, generosity and that everyone has their place and even doing the wrong thing in the present, we could be doing something right for the future.

  • p
    p Anos atrás +14

    8:09 gotta love that How to Train Your Dragon reference right there

  • TinyQ555
    TinyQ555 Anos atrás +13

    I love the progression of just the dragon be bigger, also, Scar and Jellie!!!
    good times

    • Mont27P
      Mont27P Anos atrás +3

      Pun intended, haha. Good ol Scar

  • ok
    ok Anos atrás +7

    When this minecraft animation turns into a short animation of How to Train Your dragon but minecraft version is pretty great good job guys keep animating 😍👍

  • Shadowrunner
    Shadowrunner Anos atrás

    **just walking casually back in the village after being outside at night in the biggest storm since ever**
    Damn, the animations are masterpieces, they manage to create characters and storylines that pull you in and make you sympathize with the characters so quickly. Without talking and in such a short time. Incredible.
    ngl, its like the animators read my mind, thats so me. In all the animations it's how i would act (or want to act).

  • PCTheFrenziedFlame
    PCTheFrenziedFlame Anos atrás +1

    Would love to see more of the dragon for the series!

  • Jacob
    Jacob Anos atrás

    Glad I subscribed to the channel. Great Animations. I wonder if the ender dragon will be shown again in future episodes. Also, I have a question about the series as a whole. Do the characters that die stay dead? Or do they respawn like in the games? I was just wondering since it looked like some characters died in The End.

  • Tecratj Fruit
    Tecratj Fruit Anos atrás +12

    Oof, the animation looks... beautiful! My favourite part is the fight against Flynns parent. The endportal looks really great and the fight is epic!

  • Science Nerd
    Science Nerd Anos atrás +2

    Some of the scene's was really similar to How To Train Your Dragon, especially on the part where the dragon revealed that the girl was alive. I really loved the animation please do more

  • Zatriokiar
    Zatriokiar Anos atrás +4

    El dragón como amigo, tras aprender a controlar su poder y no romper todo ❤️❤️

  • Johan Setiawan
    Johan Setiawan Anos atrás

    I really like this episode, the storyline is very good, I'm excited for the next content 🥰

  • Laks Amana
    Laks Amana Anos atrás +5

    It is likely that this dragon will have an important role in the story later, he will be a very strong ally on the side of Steve and the players in the village. This could also be a hint in the future of a strong opponent, I can't wait for the next story. 🔥

  • Kubo
    Kubo Anos atrás

    I just want to say, this seems heavily inspired from HTTYD movie trilogy and I am all for it, love the animations

  • Ahmet Taha
    Ahmet Taha Anos atrás +6

    The scene of the dragon rescuing the girl is the same as the scene in the movie "How to train your dragon".

  • jacemonster5
    jacemonster5 Anos atrás +2

    Beautiful! I love how much it reminds me of How to Train Your Dragon. And I love the Scar cameo! I know your patrons can get their skins in your animations, so does that mean Scar is a patron?

  • dinosaur106
    dinosaur106 Anos atrás +1

    I like how the dragon covered the hostess with wings, the scene is very similar to the cartoon how to train your dragon

  • TheRiddled
    TheRiddled Anos atrás

    I like how everyone is shocked while Scar is just glad Jellie was saved

  • *{ ItsNova }*
    *{ ItsNova }* Anos atrás +2

    Watching this animation makes me wanna play Minecraft because it looks so epic

  • Cory Fan
    Cory Fan Anos atrás +2

    Okay but like can we talk about how cute this part is? 9:05

  • EveningTide
    EveningTide Anos atrás +8

    We will all know this will be interesting and very entertaining for all of us!

  • Outcast
    Outcast Anos atrás +1

    Imagine how easier it would be for people in that world if they could talk!
    Also, nice Scar and Jellie reference!)

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